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How long can I wear one pair of pants for? 

We recommend our customers wear our pants for 8- 12 hours before washing.


Also please ensure you have the correct capacity of pant on for you

or the day of your period as different days can be heavier within a cycle....


Our collection of period pants feature different styles with different capacities.

- Lighter day pants can hold up to 1 x tampon's worth

- Heavy day pants can hold up to 3 x tampons' worth 

- The Super Heavy Day Short can hold up to 5 tampons' worth

so you can select specific pants for the different flow days. 

How long does one pair of pants last over time? 

Each pair of pants will work to it's best ability for up to 3 years.


You could be stopping up to 500 tampons or pads going to landfill.

Where does the liquid go? 

The liquid gets absorbed by the first & second layer and

is held above the third layer which is leak proof.

Keeping you fresh and the outer layer of the pants completely dry.


* Slight staining on the layer nearest the skin can occur but does not effect the performance of the product 

Do they feel bulky? 


The layers are thin and are sewn in long panels to give a smoother appearance

when compared to bulky sanitary pads. 

They look & feel like normal underwear. 

Can my daughter wear in preparation for the day she has her first period? 

Yes these pants are perfect for this purpose! 

She can wear them knowing she is covered for when the day does come,

and have no worries :) 

Do you have different pants to suit different flows/ days of your period? 


We have LIGHT DAY PANTS that hold 1-2 tampon's worth 

HEAVY DAY PANTS that hold 3 tampons' worth

OUR SUPER HEAVY DAY SHORT that holds 5 tampons' worth. 

Each style will list it's capacity in           

How does your company care for the environment? 

Here at PPC caring for the planet is very important to us.

We try to use sustainably sourced fabrics at every opportunity. 

Among our raw materials are;

- Bamboo, which is is a renewable and sustainable source, it needs little water to grow, doesn't need chemical pesticides and grows easily in up to 70 countries. It is one of the most sustainable fabrics on the planet.

- Recycled Nylon, diverting waste from landfills & the recycled version uses much fewer resources than if it were made from scratch.

- Organic cotton which doesn't use toxic chemicals, so doesn't damage the soil, uses 88% less water & 62% less energy than standard cotton. 

Our packaging is biodegradable and we limit the branding of it to 1 x ink colour. 

We do not use plastic bags within our offer. 

We are constantly evolving and always have sustainability and looking after the planet at the fore front of our mind.

Finally the product itself stops hundreds of disposable sanitary products going to landfill while being used. 

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